Few Common Facts That You Should Know before Renting an Office Space in London

Few Common Facts That You Should Know before Renting an Office Space in London

When you are the owner of a business it is almost instinctive to want to position your business in the best place possible, and for a lot of UK business owners, that is London. There are a lot of good reasons why an office space for rent would be a great idea for a business, but there are also many disadvantages of office space for rent in the city as well and we feel that it is important to talk about those as well, and that is exactly what we will do in this article.

The traffic is absolutely horrible

If there is one disadvantage that cannot be turned into a benefit, then it is this one. The traffic in this city is some of the worst traffic in the world and that is especially true during rush hour, which is the exact time that you and your employees will have to travel through the city because you will most likely be working the same hours as other businesses. This is definitely something to keep in mind since you will have to be dealing with it every single day of your life, and that is a lot of time being stuck in horrible London traffic.

The rates are high

Business rates can be high enough as it is, but in the UK capitol they are higher than anywhere else in the country. A research that was done back in 2011 showed that the rates in London were four times higher than other places in the country, and that was research was make years ago so you can be sure that those rates will be even higher now. One way that you can get around something like this is to get a shared or serviced office space, but if that is not something that you want to do, then this is definitely one of the disadvantages of office space for rent in London that can cost you a lot of money.

It is an expensive city to live in

If you are thinking of moving yourself to London as well as your business, then you should definitely consider the fact that this city is incredibly expensive to live in. A one bedroom property can cost you 320 pounds a week, and that price can definitely go up depending on the area that you are looking at as well as the size of the apartment. If you have a family then you have to think about school districts as well and that can also make the price go even higher. If you are not ready to pay so much money to live in the city, then you should definitely stick to getting a place outside of the city and commute every single day.

 Whether these cons will outweigh the pros about office space for rent in London will ultimately be your decision, however it is important that you make an educated decision because this is your business that you are talking about. The disadvantages of office space for rent in this city may not be very important to you and you may still end up renting there, but it is important to look at all of the positive and negative factors and hopefully we have helped you with the negative in this article.

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