5 Pro Tips on Finding the Ideal Office
aSpace in London for Your Startup

If it is time to upgrade to a bigger office, check out these 5 pro tips on finding the ideal office space in London for your startup or small business!

If you are noticing a certain growth or development, if you just started generating revenue, if you have just hired your first employees, that means it is time to upgrade to a bigger office.

Finding and renting a great office space in London is both stressful and exciting for beginning business owners. It is simply hard to find a space that meets your budget and your needs and the same time. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some great tips out there that can help you find the perfect office space for your small business or startup.

We have decided to help you by sharing some of those tips with you. As a matter of fact, we are going to present you 5 pro tips that will take you to the perfect small office space for your business. Let’s start:

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  1. Know exactly how much space you need – Before you decide to take a look at a few office spaces in London, you need to know exactly what are you looking for or in this case, exactly how much space you need. Usually, a good rule of thumb that most experts use is budgeting for approximately 1000 square feet for every 4-6 employees. You should be able to squeeze your employees in comfortably using this expert formula. Once you will determine how much space you need, you will know which types of offices suit your small business or startup.
  2. Be considerate of all of your employees – You need to make a plan, map out where all of your employees or business associates live and from here, look out for an office space that is convenient for each and every one to travel to on daily basis. The most important consideration in the process of finding a small office space in the UK is coming up with a popular and centralized location. If you make it super easy for everyone to get there, you will be able to retain more talent.

3. Consider the option of subleasing an office space – If you are not profitable and you are just starting to pull in a certain profit, you might not have enough budget to convince a landlord to lease a commercial space to you for a longer period of time. If this is your situation, we highly recommend you to sublease an office space. This is ideal for you as shorter term subleases are usually month to month or week to week and you can submit the costs without a problem. According to experts, if you are still firmly in development mode, subleasing is without a doubt, one of the best and most realistic options. You can consider this option for a year, and then decide what are you going to do next.

4. Make sure the landlord is reliable – There is nothing worse than a bad landlord. They can make your life and the lives of everyone related to your startup or small business – miserable. To make sure you end up with a professional landlord who plays fail, you should talk to tenants in the building you are considering renting space in.

5. Everything is negotiable, even rent – You should always negotiate the rent. You would be surprised how much people are willing to negotiate and go down.

Use these 5 pro tips when looking to rent a small office space in the UK for your business or startup and you will find the ideal space!

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